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About the Exhibit

at Gallery 625 Woodland, CA  PHOTOGRAPHY MONTH SACRAMENTO  - Yolo Arts will present the exhibition FOUND OBJECTS. Featuring the work of seven emerging and well established photographers, PHOTO Sacto | CRIT Sessions themed concept is "found objects." Exhibitors include: Juliet Haas, Manny Melliza,   Tim Messick,  Michael Radin, David L. Robertson and Farrell Scott. The show is presented in association with YOLO Arts and Photography Month Sacramento and will celebrate the culmination of the first year of CRIT Sessions with the founding members of PHOTO Sacto. The Critique group PHOTO Sacto was birthed from the idea of creating a space for photographers to share their expertise and passion for the fine art of image making and to motivate the practice of creating new work. Juliet Haas held the first session as a Meetup one year ago on March 16, 2017, and the founding members have continued to meet the third Thursday of every month alternating from the hom

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